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Community Women

Connecting Hearts and Stories

"These types of gatherings are something that we have lost over the years, so to reignite that communal flame is a very satisfying and heart-warming thing to be involved with."

Ethnically Diverse Women of 

Şile Stories.....

Online Gatherings   

Foreign Origin & Turkish - Women of Istanbul Group Stories


Online Gatherings 


Group Stories  


Creating space and reason for women to come together to have 

their stories heard, and to hear the stories of other women.

What is gained from participation in the Sohbet Sofraları sessions is social interaction, a chance to be heard and the opportunity to share and learn recipes with neighbours.

Together we learn communication skills that empower us in every relationship which means increased happiness in life.

The resulting stories and recipes of the gatherings are compiled into this online story telling recipe book.

Each woman has shared a story of herself and her recipes. 

Maybe we can spread this initiative and serve as a guide for others to instigate local Sohbet Sofraları nation / worldwide!

Cooking Up Dialogue in the time of Covid - 19

Lock Down means physical isolation, not social isolation!

Our initial gatherings were face to face, bringing our participants together and enjoying the food and conversation as a convened group. Now, with social distancing, this is impossible, so we have turned this around to our advantage!

With careful hosting online Circle creates beautiful connections and meaningful dialogue. Relationships are formed and resilience grows. Skills learned and experience gained within the online Circle community is then shared outside and with local communities.

We are also loving the advantages of being able to bring women together from afar, even worldwide and of being able to connect people who may otherwise be isolated during these uncertain and confusing times.




Group Balat

Groups such as the split communities in areas such as Balat where immigrants and refugees from Syria and Afghanistan live among the pre-existing population of Turks (and other ethnic minorities)

Group Foreign & Local 


Women with Foreign origins living in Istanbul and their Turkish neighbours.

Groups - Diversity

Women from around the world of diverse groups with different socio-cultural backgrounds.

Online meetings are keeping us all connected!

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