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Who Are 

Cooking Up Dialogue?

Our Motivation  .....

We, the Sohbet Sofraları team, found ourselves gravitating around a deep need for resilience, inclusion, dialogue, safe space and the rise of feminine energy within our culture. Our diverse areas of interest and experience culminated in the idea to create space and reason for women to come together and to have their voices heard and to listen to the stories of other women.

Plus, we love to eat good food, meet wonderful women and live well!

Our Team.....




Details about Ezgi coming soon.

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Pınar Gökbayrak

I live as an architect and I do architecture, write on architecture and teach it at university. I care about looking at the world from the design axis and not forgetting the social aspect of architecture.




    Jodie Harburt:

    I am an artist, writer, gardener, mother and partner. My background in design and construction is the foundation of ongoing projects. Enlivened by diversity I embrace varied facets of a kaleidoscopic focus. I design, create art, host Circle and facilitate workshops, creating inclusive space for connected narratives to emerge. My intent is to inspire change towards ecological, nurturing and regenerative practices in every area of life and scale possible. I see myself as a tiny catalyst, One of the Multitude.





      Details about Selin coming soon




      Yeşim Selçuk:

      I am a clinical psychologist whose professional life consists of activities such as psychotherapies, supervision and consultancy services, written material production, project and educational design.

      I successfully completed my specialisation in Istanbul University Psychology Department and Okan University Clinical Psychology Program.

      I worked in many institutions such as post-graduate hospitals and private psychotherapy centers. Due to my interest in addiction and trauma, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience with years of education, internships and projects.

      I have been actively working as a clinician, trainer, consultant and project coordinator / consultant and conducting advocacy activities in many field studies related to sensitive groups for ten years.

      In my psychotherapy practice I work with young people and adults; I take a humanistic and holistic approach. Travel, diving, cinema and dance are among my interests.





        Details about Zeynep coming soon

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        ACT Academy.....

        Sustainable Leadership and Capacity Building for Civil Society

        The ACT Academy offers learning programs for activists bringing together sparkling individuals and working on impactful initiatives.

        ACT Academy was co-created by Perspectivity, Hasat Derneği and the invaluable guidance of the Netherlands Embassy in Ankara.

        As a group of global citizens, based in the Netherlands, Turkey, Northern Ireland, England, Tanzania, India and South-East Asia we work together with our global network associates of governments, businesses, universities and NGO’s.

        The academy is a positive response to the global trend of a polarisation, by focusing on peaceful societal change.

        Collaboration . . . . .

        Ovacık Köyünde Bir Gün

        "We are very happy to cooperate with "Cooking Up Dialogue"in our One Day in Ovacık Village supported by Future Tourism. We met with women of different ethnic origins of the Şile villages.


        Being together, producing, bonding, enjoying local food, stories and conversation have all been good for us. We got so used to each other that we were curious, worried, and missed each other when we couldn't meet. "


        Fatma Denizci

        "Collaborating with Fatma Hanım and her team at Ovacik was a pure delight for us. The location is in the middle of the area from which our participating women came from and also the space itself is perfect for meetings,  but most importantly Fatma hanim did an amazing job of helping us find such wonderful participants and in the logistics of getting us together.

        She and her helpers at Ovacik Köyünde Bir Gün are the perfect hosts and collaborators."

        Jodie - Cooking Up Dialogue Team.

        Sohbet Sofraları is all about collaboration, together with our friends at sister organisations we make the magic happen!

        We work with groups that will benefit most from our work in the spirit of mutual support.  

        With thanks and respect to all our participants and to the hard work and dedication of everyone.


        "Elena Kiyaeva-Korkmaz hosts and curates The Circle of 

        Friendship using her wide knowledge of coaching and 

        happy, healthy living.

        It is pleasure to collaborate with her in organising groups among the Expat community and by co designing circle sessions."

        Jodie: Cooking Up Dialogue Team

        Circle of Friendship -

        on the subject of Cooking Up Dialogue:

        "Cooking Up Dialogue is one of a kind opportunity to meet, talk and share stories with others over the delicious food. Food has always been uniting people from different nationalities, gender, social statuses and ages. I am so lucky to meet other women and taste their food reflecting their stories and soul. The brightest memories of my childhood is a wedding party in our neighbourhood, when long tables were made right in front of our eyes with long wooden planks and planks were added as more people were joining the feast. Food was shared and brought from every household, laughter was shared and I felt like I belonged to that big community and everyone cared. I hope one day, we can set out the long tables right in front of every building, on every street, in every city, in every country, share a meal, meet our neighbour, share stories, raise our glasses for peace and unity all around the world"

        Elena Kiyaeva-Korkmaz


        The Yusra Community Center is a volunteer run space dedicated to helping Syrian refugees rebuild their lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

        “Yusra” the word means ease, comfort or blessedness and our community center derives its purpose from this name.

        Located in the heart of the community in which we serve, our center runs learning, social and recreational programs for Syrian refugees in the Balat-Fatih neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey.

        Yusra Community Center provides a fun and safe learning space for children, who otherwise have no access to learning. We are a place of guidance for families, providing or assisting with medical needs, legal matters, skills training, language and literacy facilities, and information services. 



        This project, created in Fener Balat district, is designed to serve the purpose of improving Balat's social life. This project, which aims to provide a profession for women and young girls of the region with the Balat Culture House and to create a space where they can practice professions, is also considered a place for our members and friends to meet and socialise with the people of the neighbourhood.

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